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GreenMango Church Feature: Sto. Niño de Paz Greenbelt Chapel

Pointed out as a chapel for the busy, office workaholics and the working crowd of Makati’s business district, Sto. Niño de Paz Greenbelt Chapel is conveniently situated at the heart of the city’s Greenbelt shopping center which makes it easily accessible to the hardworking urban individuals who are looking to strengthen their Catholic faith, for prayer and healing experiences, and harmony with those in need. The chapel is more commonly identified as the Greenbelt Chapel (GBC) to the frequent churchgoers who are often paying a visit not only to strengthen their faith but also there to spend some precious time with their family, friends, and loved ones.

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Sto Niño de Paz Chapel-Greenbelt Chapel

Those regular church visitors have provided some encouraging feedback about the nice and soothing open-air, circular design with the altar located at the center of the chapel. Another feature liked by the visitors is the pond surrounding the chapel which greatly compliments the 360-degree design of the place. Furthermore, the relaxing setting created by the calming trees of Greenbelt Park, amidst the shopping malls, restaurants, and condominiums, is perfect for families who prefer to hear God’s message and bond before going on their weekend shopping. Although this sanctuary seemed perfect for the masses, the institution was always looking for ways to improve the chapel to make it even more appealing and comfortable to its devoted visitors. Hearing some recommendations from the management and its visitors to improve the facility, the chapel delivered!

In 2013, the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Manila and Ayala Land signed an additional 25 years of sustenance to the Chapel which triggered some much-needed improvement to the circular chapel. Some of the renovations made were the installation of a belfry where the church bells can resonate in harmony, the mechanized tabernacle was replaced by a fixed one behind the altar, bridges were also made wider, and the installation of LED. However, the management was so keen to enhance the comfort of the churchgoers that they noticed the ventilation of the open-air chapel must be upgraded as well.  The open-air design of the church, coupled with the Philippines’ tropical maritime climate which is generally hot and quite humid merits a continuous airflow in the facility for the masses to feel cool and comfy.

The installation of GreenMango’s high-volume low-speed (HVLS) fans, Kaze Compact Series, were the perfect solution that resulted in the immense improvement of the Greenbelt Chapel’s ventilation. After the renovation was complete, the people were quick to point out the improvement of the chapel’s overall ambiance and convenience. Many of their testimonials, especially during summertime, were about the superior ventilation provided by the HVLS fans which eliminated their need to use their “abaniko” or “pamaypay.”

Greenbelt Chapel serves as an oasis for serenity and spiritual nourishment. For twenty-five years and counting, it has been serving as a sanctuary wherein the dedicated and hardworking residents of Makati can hear the word of our Creator, say their prayers, and experience spiritual healing and growth. GreenMango is glad to help improve Greenbelt Chapel for it to continue its mission of being a fortress and a beacon of faith to those seeking it.

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