Gust is an industrial ceiling fan with air volume comparable to 20 units of regular industrial fans. This type of industrial ceiling fan is powered by a maintenance-free and low-noise Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor which can be installed on tight or complicated places including walls, beams and posts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the features and specifications of all GreenMango industrial ceiling fans. Compare our industrial, commercial and residential HVLS fans to check what fits your specification. 

Gust Industrial Ceiling Fans 7

Absolutely. We will install everything and teach you how to operate our products and a few troubleshooting tips. We need to inspect though the site where the installation will occur. 

You should. We are open for discussions. We’ll grant huge discounts for more volume purchases. 

We haven’t received any complaint yet about our installations and products. That itself speak for themselves.  In fact, our clients when we started are still with us. In fact, we are commissioned as the provider for ventilation solutions of the 51st International Eucharistic Congress held last 2016 in Cebu Philippines. Since we have installed on many churches in the Philippines, it comes naturally that we were recommended to offer ventilation solutions for the said event. 

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