Large Industrial Ceiling Fans For Universities

large industrial ceiling fans for universities

Large industrial ceiling fans are needed in universities given the global warming and lack of funds for centralized high volume air conditioning units.

Warm air is considered to be more buoyant when compared to cool air. In universities having high ceiling heights, this may cause significant stratification on the temperature with the ceiling and the air temperature. This is the reason why universities these days are using high volume low-speed fans in universities.

Large Industrial Ceiling Fans at Universities

Universities these days are using HVLS fans since they are the type of fans who has the ability to move a significant volume of air at a low rotational speed. This kind of air movement reduces the difference of the temperature inside and effectively stratifies high bay university spaces.

To increase the comfort of all the students, professors and all the people inside the university, lots of universities these days are choosing to install such types of fans compared to those ordinary ceiling fans. This is one of the newest options for ventilation in universities. These types of fans range from 16 to 24 feet towards delivering energy efficient type of air movement all throughout the university at a certain fraction where energy costs are cut with a high-speed fan.

HVLS fans help universities to save a huge amount of energy and enhanced comfort, especially during colder months since they are better for heated air. During the summer season, there could be more than 20 degrees Fahrenheit of the floor up to ceiling temperature difference at universities as the result of light and warm air rising.

Normally, the air in this kind of location will only be one-half of the warmer degree that you’re expecting. When such type of situation happened, your large industrial ceiling fans need to double its effort and need to work harder to extended periods just to maintain the best temperature needed by the university.

As far as large industrial fans are concerned, its impact is very essential to universities for as long as it offers the right kind of temperature to the entire place. But, due to the fact that there are universities wherein the temperature of the floor up to the ceiling is not well-balanced, you need to expect that this may offer you a temperature which is not as comfortable as what you expect. This HVLS fan offers cooling and heating effect needed by the people in universities but it needs to double its effort at all times.

How HVLS Fans Can Address the Problems

HVLS fans address such type of issue by means of gently moving the warm air close to the ceiling and then back to the floor where it is highly needed. When the air temperature reaches the floor underneath the fan, it will now move in a horizontal direction a few feet just above the floor and finally, rises up to the ceiling where it is again recycled downward.

This type of effect which is considered to be called destratification provides a more uniform temperature of air with a single difference on the degree temperature of the floor towards the ceiling. Thus, using HVLS fans for universities can also be a less burden on their heating system and allows them to save money and energy.




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Large Industrial Ceiling Fans For Universities 1

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Large Industrial Ceiling Fans For Universities 2

Brisa is an 8-blade 14-ft HVLS fan with seamed edge design with fluorocarbon paint technology. The fan blade tail is meteor-inspired that when the fan is turned on the tail will result in a gorgeously beautiful silhouette. The unique middle cover hides the intersection of the shell and fan blade, making the design even more luxurious adaptive to all design and structures. Brisa is perfect for small sports paces and commercial such as restaurant and small to medium retail centers . Read More >>>

Large Industrial Ceiling Fans For Universities 3

Gale is specifically designed like an umbrella where fans and ACs can’t be installed on ceilings. Gale can be installed with billboards, lightings, fences or even benches. Read More >>>

Large Industrial Ceiling Fans For Universities 4

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Large Industrial Ceiling Fans For Universities 5

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Large Industrial Ceiling Fans For Universities 6

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