HVLS Fans: Sports Venue Must have

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HVLS Fans  in Sports Venues

Do you want to acquire great comfort in any sports venues? If yes, then one of the best types of equipment that you should always have is an HVLS fan. This is an amazing type of fan that can give you the best kind of cooling and heating effect you would truly love.

Why HVLS Fans are needed in Sports Venues 

Spectators and athletes are the same in appreciating the cool and fresh air. But, older facilities like the arena and university gyms are not all equipped with the right HVAC system and they rely more on the use of floor fans to maneuvered cooling effect needed by athletes.

The industrial ceiling fan is considered to be more efficient for ventilation. They usually create a soft breeze that can help evaporate the perspiration of the athletes which is known to be an important step in cooling down their body temperature. If you’re in need of the best type of equipment where spectators and all other athletes can acquire fresh and cool air, then you may try to use HVLS fans. This helps you to minimize needed ductwork while giving you the best possible cooling and heating result.

Heat and Ventilation Concerns in Sports Venues

Sports venues are considered to be activity hubs with so many people going and coming, spectator cheering, machines whirring and music blaring. Commercial types of HVLS fans work quietly in the entire sports venue background, provides comfort without any kind of disturbances and commotion of a very high standard type of fans.

Whether you’re in a very large sports venue which is air-conditioned or even not air-conditioned one, this type of fan can increase comfort to all spectators and athletes inside. A humid and hot environment like themed parks or pols can be tempered with the cooling breeze of this fan while its reverse functionality can effectively make the entire outdoor venue more bearable especially during winter months.

As far as heat and ventilation issues on HVLS fans are concerned, it is more on the slow function of the fan once it was not properly installed. This is a common scenario to those sports venues who allowed people to install this type of fan without any skills or knowledge on how they are going to do it. This is the reason why most of the athletes and spectators are complaining of the uncomfortable and inconvenience that they are experiencing.

Impact to the Sports Venue Businesses

When HVLS are used in sports venues in the proper way, expect to acquire any of the following benefits:

  • Efficient management and temperature of the air.
  • Save more energy.
  • It offers comfort and convenience.

But when such a situation happened that this HVLS fans offered the worst time of temperature, well there could be a problem to the temperature of the air in between the ceiling and the floor. This is very worst since athletes and spectators will not be using your sports venue again.

How HVLS Fans Can Address the Heat and Ventilation Problems

To address such type of issue with regards to HVLS fans, sports venue or facility owner needs to check on the temperature created by the fan. Is the cooling and heating temperature given the right one? When they found out that this is not, well it’s now the time for them to ask for the professional help from those people who are equipped with the skills and knowledge on how to do the proper installation of HVLS fans.




Zephyr is the premium 5-blade HVLS fan series that is designed for superior wind speed performance and efficiency that leads to high energy savings. Zephyr is powered by a new revolutionary Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor. Zephyr comes in three sizes 18 ft, 20ft and 24 ft. Zephyr is the choice for bigger spaces with higher ventilation requirements. Similar to Vento, Zephyr is perfect for sports, recreation, entertainment, traffic hubs, commercial and even industrial uses. Read More >>>

HVLS Fans: Sports Venue Must have 1

Vento is simple 5-blade HVLS fans that comes in two sizes, 22 and 16 feet. Vento is best for commercial spaces that demands comfort and wind speed. It’s suited for sports (fitness clubs, gym/athletic training stadium), recreation & entertainment (amusement park, zoos, children’s playground), traffic hubs (airport, railway station, and bus station), commercial place ( shops, restOS, supermarkets), others (warehouses, factories, museums, and outdoor venues). Read More >>>

HVLS Fans: Sports Venue Must have 2

Brisa is an 8-blade 14-ft HVLS fan with seamed edge design with fluorocarbon paint technology. The fan blade tail is meteor-inspired that when the fan is turned on the tail will result in a gorgeously beautiful silhouette. The unique middle cover hides the intersection of the shell and fan blade, making the design even more luxurious adaptive to all design and structures. Brisa is perfect for small sports paces and commercial such as restaurant and small to medium retail centers . Read More >>>

HVLS Fans: Sports Venue Must have 3

Gale is specifically designed like an umbrella where fans and ACs can’t be installed on ceilings. Gale can be installed with billboards, lightings, fences or even benches. Read More >>>

HVLS Fans: Sports Venue Must have 4

Gust is a a large fan with air volume comparable to 20 units of industrial fans. Gale fans can be installed on tight or complicated places including walls, beams and posts. Read More >>>

HVLS Fans: Sports Venue Must have 5

Xana is a 2 meter movable fan that has 4 wheels with a durable steel frame. Xana can be moved anywhere despite its size. Its strong durable frame is rust and water proof. Read More >>>

HVLS Fans: Sports Venue Must have 6

Kaze fan series is especially made for residential purposes. Kaze fan makes you feel the natural breeze right at our own home. It’s perfect for comfortable homes for families. Read More >>>

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the features and specifications of all GreenMango HVLS Fans. Compare our industrial, commercial and residential HVLS fans to check what fits your specification. 

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Absolutely. We will install everything and teach you how to operate our products and a few troubleshooting tips. We need to inspect though the site where the installation will occur. 

You should. We are open for discussions. We’ll grant huge discounts for more volume purchases. 

We haven’t received any complaint yet about our installations and products. That itself speak for themselves.  In fact, our clients when we started are still with us. In fact, we are commissioned as the provider for ventilation solutions of the 51st International Eucharistic Congress held last 2016 in Cebu Philippines. Since we have installed on many churches in the Philippines, it comes naturally that we were recommended to offer ventilation solutions for the said event. 

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