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HVLS Fans: Avoiding Security and Safety Risks in Hangar

Introduction on HVLS Fans on Hangar

HVLS Fans are less disruptive and quieter as compared to the high-speed floor or ceiling fans. In addition to that, they consume less energy which is why they are being utilized on hangar. With hangars that are long and tall, their unique designs further lead to several management challenges. It is just good news that HVLS Fans on Hangar are common and popular these days.

Heat and Ventilation Concerns on Hangar

Among the significant heat and ventilation concerns on Hangar include condensation and other significant issues. For once, sweating slab syndrome is an issue whereas moisture is deposited right through the surface of the concrete floors. Inconsistent temperatures in the hangar could also lead to serious security and safety risks and slippery floors. Employees also unexpectedly experience falls resulting to employee injuries. Ground damage costs them million dollars spent in a year.

In addition to that, the extreme heat felt in the hangar is unbearable and this may somehow affect the employees and the aircraft personnel.

Productivity Impact of the Concerns to the Business on Hangar

With the concerns that relate to heat and ventilation, of course, it is just natural to see the productivity impact of the concerns to the business on hangar. There may be times that hangar could be unexpectedly closed. This is one thing that must be avoided or else the entire hangar will suffer from productivity issues. In addition to that, the employees/staffs will also not become productive in doing their jobs.

Financial Impact of the Concerns to the Business on Hangar

With the heat and ventilation concerns to the business on Hangar, the financial impact could likewise be felt. For instance, this industry may spend more of their budget on buying AC systems wherein fact they could resort to HVLS fans. These are also sometimes combined with air conditioning systems for improved moisture on hangar.

How HVLS Fans on Hangar can Address the Problems

HVLS Fans on hangar can address the problems by covering the big area. In addition to that, they bring a huge impact of keeping the air moving. The reduced energy load on the heating and cooling systems are also brought by the use of HVLS fans. If these fans could not be found, the heat in the hangar will remain right through the space and ceiling level with layers of uncomfortable and uneven temperatures.

Improved Comfort on HVLS Fans

HVLS Fans actually provide a complete solution for climate control. When you run these fans in a forward direction, it further helps deliver a cool breeze that drops the temperature by eight degree Fahrenheit. Running an HVLS fans also brings the warm air that is trapped right through the ceiling and down the floor level. The HVLS fans can promise a comfortable and convenient environment for those people who work inside the airplane hangars.

Improved Productivity of HVLS Fans

Through the installation of HVLS fans, the life of airplane hangars is even more prolonged. And thus, these help mitigate condensation issues. In addition to that, the staffs who work around the hangar become more productive in any of their jobs. All in all, the productivity level of the hangar increases, especially because of the reduced humidity, bacteria and moisture. The accumulation of all these only result to condensation on the planes. And thus, other risks of mechanical and rust issues will also be eliminated.

Energy Costs Savings of HVLS Fans

Prior to the installation of HVLS Fans, it helps further decrease the burden on paying HVAC systems. In addition to that, the costs of cooling and heating are further reduced. It will cover the idea of destratification which is a one way to use energy efficiently.

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