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HVLS Fans: For Comfort at Outdoor Venues

HVLS Fans at Outdoor Venues

HVLS fans can reduce air quality concerns such as imbalanced distribution of air, poor ventilation and excessive humidity.  These enormous ceiling industrial fans move in high volume and in low speed, which results in gentle movement of air and efficient circulation of high air volume over large areas. HVLS fans outdoor venues are the ideal solution for businesses that are aiming to save energy without sacrificing people’s comfort level.

Heat and Ventilation Concerns on Outdoor Venues

Poor air quality and reduced energy efficiency are only some of the most common heat and ventilation concerns on outdoor spaces. These venues need something that is capable of dispersing air everywhere, not only in some parts of the venue.  The special mechanism of HVLS fans is capable of efficiently regulating the temperature of outdoor spaces. The fans blend heat layers and the air columns they create are bigger than streams of air made by pedestal fans due to their large blades. This helps eliminate trapped pockets of heat that are quite common in large venues.

Productivity Impact of the Concerns to the Business on Outdoor Venues

An outdoor venue that is hot and noisy ruins the focus and concentration of the employees, thus reducing their productivity. With better distribution of air and less noise, employees enjoy a better work environment. This results in higher productivity and quality of work.

Financial Impact of the Concerns to the Business on Outdoor Venues

Heat and ventilation concerns can have a considerable financial impact on outdoor venues. A place with an uncomfortable setting and poor ventilation will receive negative feedback from customers, which might discourage other customers from visiting the place. Aside from losing existing and potential customers, businesses could also lose profit.

How HVLS fans on Outdoor Venues Can Address the Problems

HVLS fans circulate large volumes of air quietly and gently. This keeps your employees productive and healthy and your customers happy and comfortable. HVLS fans outdoor venues also consume less energy, so you can save money. These fans de-stratify air, so they can distribute air evenly throughout large open areas.

Improved Comfort of HVLS fans

HVLS fan can keep even the most crowded venues cool and comfortable. The quiet operation of these fans is also a good thing.

Improved Productivity of HVLS fans

Several commercial ceiling fans can be replaced with one HVLS fan. When used together with an air conditioner in larger open buildings, you can increase the thermostat settings without reducing the level of comfort in the area. When installed in a building without any air conditioning system, HVLS fans can deliver a cooling effect of up to six degrees centigrade.

Energy Costs Savings of HVLS fans

One of the best things about HVLS fans is that they can work on a dollar per day. Since these fans work together with the HVAC system, installing HVLS fans can help you save on your operating expenses in the long run. These fans are 6 times better at moving air than a group of smaller fans. HVLS fans deliver a large amount of air, while consuming the lowest amount of energy.

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