Infograph about high volume low speed (hvls) fans by Green Mango PH Solutions

Ultimate Guide to HVLS Fans Philippines [Infographics]

What are High Volume Low Speed Fans or HVLS Fans? This is the most asked question when GreenMango Solutions promotes its products. People often confuse ceiling fans and industrial fans to high volume low speed fans. Looking closely, there are lots of differences between HVLS fans and ceiling or industrial fans. The infographic below illustrates the differences between them. The infographic answers the age old question we receive “What are HVLS Fans?”

Satisfied Clients

You won’t believe that a lot of Churches are our most delighted clients. They realized our product fit the large spaces of their churches. Imagine, the large space can’t be accommodated by air conditioning because of the huge cost it will incur. By using HVLS fans, they got the same benefits of superior ventilation and comfort for the less the price of air conditioning units. Check out our satisfied clients in the video below:

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